2010 Hackmasters Golf Tournament

John Downs 2010 Champ

John Downs 2010 Champion

John on 		number two

John Downs on #2 at Wicked Stick

Rusty's Girl

Rusty's Girl

Mike Cahill

Mike Cahill

The gallery watched as Roger Okane made his way up the Leader Board, finishing the first day of play in third place. By day four he held first place. With the final round waiting, Roger thought he was going to have his hands full with Dave Kohler in second place two strokes back. Little did they both know that John Downs, seven strokes back was going to play the game of his life. In an interview after the tournament, Johnny Miller asked Roger what he was thinking. Roger said "What happend"? "All I could think about was Murray money".

John Downs looked to be out of contention on the final round of play. I heard his tee shots weren't helping either! John won this tournament with his recovery shots. Like Phil Mickelson on number thirteen during the final round in the 2010 Masters. John was making his own shots from under the trees over the creeks to the green. I heard some shots defied all reality. John made up the seven stroke deficit to lead the field by two strokes. David Ferherty caught up with John after his victory and this is what he had to say, "Roger Who"?.

Congratulations to John Downs on his 2010 Hack Masters Golf Tournament Win.

Each year, excluding the last two, someone has brought with them a certain "catch phrase". It usually adds to the laughter. You know, like the new one at work is, "That's what she said". I the past we have had; "Muscle up", "Man up Bitch" and, "Me Me Me". This year I can't say we had an actual "catch phrase" but it seemed by the end of the week I (Joe Murray Hack Masters 2004, 2008, 2009 Champion) had gotten my fill of the phrase, "Murray Money". Not sure why.

I (Joe Murray Hack Masters 2004, 2008, 2009 Champion) was disappointed in George this year! Usually there is some discussion of "Road side Bacteria" that eat the rubber worn off tires, or the question of which human gene is dominant? No new ponderings this year! WTF! This does remind me of back in 04 and 05 seeing Lenny and George engaged in who knows what kind of conversation. I've always wondered what in the world came out of those two minds when put together. Oh well, we await the return of Lenny Sullivan. George, you are gonna win this tournament next year.

This year we made our first trip to the famous Crazy Horse Saloon thanks to Roger Okane. Me (Joe Murray Hack Masters 2004, 2008, 2009 Champion) and George will never forget the ride from Brunswick to the Crazy Horse with Roger in the driver seat. Drifting from side to side on Rt. 17, and this was on the way to the bar! This year we had young Rusty Okane with us. Rusty somehow attracted this beautiful 38 year old Blonde with what had to be DDD's (that's her to the left). I watch her gazing at him, the way she sat there talking with him. At times with her ankles on his shoulders! This woman looks as though she wants to have her fourth child with him. That's right I said fourth. George and me just looking at each other and all I could think was, "this is unusual, could she be a Cougar, or does she just want his father's money"! Rusty looked a little uncomfortable but he will forever remember the 38 year old woman with three kids at the Crazy Horse. Unfortunately neither Rusty nor Roger will remember how they made it back to Brunswick fore they both were plowed! For those wondering, George was quiet on this trip. An unusual surprise!

Thanks to Roger for the awesome Bloody Marys and the dinners at the condo. Everyone enjoyed the dinners.
John, thanks for negotiating with Brunswick.
New guy's, thanks for joining Hooties Hackers. You must come back next year, including Rusty all the way from Hawaii.

The group says good bye to a good friend.
Mike Cahill had worked with and was good friends with many of our members for decades. Retiring to South Carolina, Mike filled in when we didn't have two full foursomes. Several guys were able to visit Mike before he lost his battle with cancer later that week. John and Boomer were able to attend the funeral.
Hit'em straight Mike.

2010 Hack Masters Results

. Brunswick Crow Creek Wicked Stick Tigers Eye Leopards Chase
Player Hanicap Score Net Tot Hanicap Score Net Tot Hanicap Score Net Tot Hanicap Score Net Tot Hanicap Score Net Tot
George 36 126 90 90 45 117 72 162 45 115 70 232 44 115 71 303 44 110 66 369
Joe M 14 95 81 81 19 97 78 159 22 88 66 225 19 96 77 302 22 94 72 374
John P 19 102 83 83 25 102 77 160 28 92 64 224 24 88 64 288 20 108 88 376
Boomer 23 101 78 78 26 108 82 160 31 103 72 232 31 97 66 298 28 103 75 373
Roger 15 92 77 77 18 87 69 146 17 85 68 214 15 85 70 284 14 96 82 366
John D 18 98 80 80 22 92 70 150 21 98 77 227 24 88 64 291 20 88 68 359
Dave 8 80 72 72 8 79 71 143 8 79 71 214 8 80 72 286 8 83 75 361
Rusty 21 96 75 75 23 96 73 148 24 100 76 224 26 96 70 294 25 95 70 364

Click Here to down load Excel chart for the 2010 Tournament Results.